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Rubrics For Assessment and Report card

Rubrics For Assessment and Report card

Different students have different learning styles and perform differently according to the context of learning. Continued monitoring of each child’s progress in scholastic and co-scholastic areas helps the teachers assess a child’s behavioral skills and customize the lessons according to the child’s ability to learn. Using the old traditional methods will produced the same old & monotonous report card as used by various schools in india from last hundreds of years.

At Sorsfort, we use the StarsLearn assessment and report card system. An elaborate information is available at

STARS Report Card have been designed to give 360 degree perspective of the student. They act as a fundamental to effective teaching and learning. The huge impact making advantages of STARS Report Card are:-

  • Instant Results for Formative Assessments
  • Comparative analysis
  • Time- performance analysis
  • Subject –wise analysis
  • Difficulty level analysis
  • Percentile Analysis
  • Skill wise Analysis basis HOTS.
  • Benchmarking against class, city, state, national & international level
  • Co-scholastic Skills analysis
  • Attendance , health and life skill analysis
  • Supports Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

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