Sorsfort Internation School|Montessori School Electronic City Bangalore.


Why SIS? Yes! There are hundreds of reasons. But then why we speak about it? We decided that we will interact with our current Parents, Teachers and other stakeholders to understand the reasons for them choosing ‘Sorsfort’.

Below is the brief derived from that interaction...

Proud Parents Speak

It has been wonderful experience to be associated with Sorsfort as my kid has learnt a lot from here and enjoys every minute of school coming...    

Mr. PrathamTeam Lead @ Target India Cop.

We are very happy that Justin goes to school without crying and these days he enjoy going to school and we felt that friendly atmosphere created by sorsfort team is excellent for child to grow...    

Mr. PrabhuIT Analyst @ Infosys

I am so satisfied with my kid..She has improved a lot in English communication and learnt so many things specially Good Manners ..I seriously appreciate Sorsfort for providing me a better future for my child...    

Shobha RaniHP is very new initiative which is highly appreciated. I can look into each point where my child has developed and where she is lacking. Online test will be very helpful..    

Mrs. Poonam Maroo Software Engineer @ HP

StarsLearn is very good Report Card and Assessment application and give pure detailed information and comparision.    

Mr. Prabakaran Software Engineer @ Infosys

The assessment criterions are very well defined, crisp and clear. It's actually a very good job done in getting things into perspective. Very impressed with the actual output and the thought process. Looking forward for the continuous enhancement in the tool...    

Mr. Anuj Sharma Deputy Manager @ Axa Business services Pvt. Ltd.

HOTS Academics

The core of Sorsfort is its Academics. There is a great deal of insistence on researched learning and well-documented study systems are given importance. Sorsfort offers quality education that compares well with international schools across the world and with leading institutions everywhere.

The academic calendar at Sorsfort follows the following pedagogy for the complete year which itself is very unique and supportive in the growth of Sorsfort student:-

Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
Apr May
Pedagogy Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)
Multiple Intelligence (MI)
Academic Output CCE StarsLearn Report Card
Sunsational Summer Camp

Click here for more info or get in touch with our Academic Head for more information on Academics at Sorsfort

Team At Sorsfort

Teachers at SIS are team of fully dedicated & professional team. All have the special qualities that distinguish a good teacher- patience and understanding. They are dynamic, relaxed and enthusiastic with the ability to create a friendly atmosphere in which the child can express himself and learn. They encourage the development of each child, by providing security and warmth, emphasizing self discipline more than authority and encouragement rather than punishment.

Teachers at SIS are carefully chosen having aptitude and experience to teach the young children. Never satisfied with the tried and tested, they delight in creating more effective ways to explore and share knowledge thus breathing life into their teaching, thereby, enabling our children to go beyond rote learning. Our teachers are here because they love teaching, they love kids and they love SIS resulting in a dynamic, challenging, interesting and excitement filled atmosphere. All this is possible because of our continuous and comprehensive in-service orientation, education and training program for teachers through self motivated school based activities

Single Stop Solution

Sorsfort acts as a Single Stop solution for all your needs related to education and child care for your child. Once you enroll your child at Sorsfort in School, you can also avail the following facilities on a need basis. You need not search out and look for these offerings

  • Day Care (even on ‘one-day’ basis)
  • Engage your child in summer camp using our ‘Sunsational Summer Camp’ Program
  • Foundation Courses for primary and higher classes

Learning Environment

Our ‘learning’ environment meets the criteria of the parents who want their children to have broader social and interactive opportunities. The supportive and learning environment at SIS is capable of providing the best start for children at quite an early age.

Environment at SIS helps the child develop a sense of independence, and be exposed to a lot of different people from different lifestyles, giving them a better idea of the world.

Train the Trainers

Our teachers are selected after several rounds of intensive interviews, Demos and written exams. Once selected, we train our teachers (/Trainers). They go through several rounds of intensive training programs to understand our teaching philosophy and to be kept up-to-date with the latest trends in teaching and early childhood development program. These training sessions go round the year and form part of the START Program (Sorsfort Training for Academics & Report Card to Teachers).

They are given ongoing training in child psychology as well as an understanding on how children grow, develop, and learn and apply these principles to practical classroom teaching methods that include the following:

  • Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)
  • Multiple Intelligence (MI)
  • Principles and practices in pre-school education (Maria Montessori, Froebel, Steiner, Piaget, Reggio, Glenn Domain, Gardner)
  • Child growth (milestones, psychological perspectives, growth stimulation, hands-on training)
  • Development and learning
  • Curriculum studies and pedagogy
  • Behavioral observation and screening
  • Safety, health and nutrition
  • Parent and teacher behavior
  • Teaching aids
  • Emergency and first aid
  • Puppetry
  • Pre-school storytelling
  • Art and craft
  • Learning and Development
  • Lesson Plan and Classroom management

Our learning Process integrates creativity and academic development that encourages curiosity and joy of learning. Children are free to grow, develop and discover their full potential in an environment that is caring and rooted in the familiarity of their context.


Some of the key facilities offered to our child at SIS are:-

  • Classroom which are spacious, well ventilated and are with appropriate interiors done
  • Furniture which are smooth in shape and are attractive in colors.
  • Play Area equipped with international quality toys
  • Puppet show Room for interactive learning sessions
  • Water Play Area
  • Well cleaned child friendly Toilets which are inspected routinely for each class/grade.
  • Library with well equipped books (2D & 3D) and CDs (Audio & Video Both)
  • Safe Transport for children
  • Many more.. Visit us to discover more...

R & D using ART

Academic Research Team(ART) at Sorsfort is the centralized core research wings which gives inputs to teachers on methods, syllabus, lesson plans. The team consist of senior academicians, retired principals, teachers and professionals from various fields.

It is this team who ensures that, we consistently invest in improving our methodology making it more effective, evolving and consistent with the current times. The R&D report submitted by the teachers to the Management is further brainstormed

Best ideas emerging out of R&D of ART team are selected and implemented at SIS to further enhance the learning process of the Sorsfort Student.

Safety and Security

Safety and security of the child is the utmost priority at SIS. To achieve this objective, we have put

  • Security Guard restricting access to all outsiders.
  • Fire Safety Standards at the center.
  • Emergency Exit Drills
  • Surveillance camera keeping the records of all movements during the day
  • Field trips under the supervision of senior teachers and parents.
  • Periodic doctors visit for health check up at the center.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Cleanliness is a key issue for Childs health and growth and we at SIS take it very seriously. Some of the key things which we do consistently to maintain high cleanliness standards at SIS are:-

  • Herbal pest control once in 3 months on weekends for the entire center.
  • Frequent hand washing of care takers with anti-bacterial soap.
  • Daily cleaning of the Center including furniture, books and toys
  • Well maintained and clean toilets.

360 Degree development

There are some key unique activities which are done as part of the curriculum to help us build the stepping stones for the Childs future.

  • Activity Based Learning (ABL)
  • Educational Field Trips - to support the child’s growing exploration needs
  • Karate – To make the students physically & mentally strong
  • Yoga - for relaxation, rejuvenation, 360 Degree mind and body growth.
  • Puppet shows – Children are attracted by puppets and therefore puppets can be effectively used to capture their attention. They are an interesting media for telling stories and songs. It simulates thinking process and makes learning more interesting. It enhances Power of Imagination and develops listening skills.
  • Water play - essential for fine motor development and relaxed exploration needs
  • Sand Play - essential for eye hand co-ordination, tactile experiences and exploration
  • Parachute play - helps develop both the fine and gross motor skills, helps enhance the child’s listening skills and ability to follow instructions. Good also for developing pro social behavior
  • Block play With assorted kids of blocks we help the child enhance his color, shape size and weight recognition; assisting them in hand-eye co-ordination, sequencing, sorting and more.
  • Readers make leaders A special reading corner - specific books that a child can spend his time productively looking at pictures and choosing from a number of international publications as well as Indian children’s literature.
  • Abacus - Learning Mathematics with the Abacus(an ancient Chinese tool) for children harness the brain. It helps them in acquiring mental arithmetic skills at a faster pace
  • Glenndoman reading - a time tested internationally acclaimed method to develop sight reading skills
  • Drama/elocution - enhances the growing language development and expression skills
  • Art exploration - with activities like painting, collage, drawing, clay art, spray painting, tissue art, warli art, madhubani and much, much more. Kids will have a ball getting paint all over their hands and fingers.
  • Role play - will engage children to understand the world, their family, people who help them and aid them in understanding the roles that people play and will also develop a child’s growing symbolic play which will help him with literacy, numeracy and other essential skills.

Watch Me Grow Video Systems

SIS has added video monitoring cameras in each classroom. The video feed can be viewed from monitors located in the Admin Head’s offices. The major purposes of the system are to ease anxiety that can surround transition times, to provide comfort and assurance for parents, and to allow administrators to monitor and assist teachers by immediately responding to the needs of classrooms and individual children.

PreSchool to Main School

The Main campus is proposed to come in Electronic City which will have classes till 12th standard. This will provide your child an opportunity to continue to learn and grow in the same quality educational environment which is provided at our preschool in your neighborhood.


The Uniqueness of Sorsfort is summarized as we follow the in-house debated and conceptualized by Sorsfortians – ‘STARS model’. It covers various facets of Education and child care delivery.