Scholarship Entrance Test at Sorsfort

Scholarship Entrance Test (SET)

Scholarship Entrance Test

Sorsfort has always carried along a set of values that are firmly embedded in its work culture. At Sorsfort, we have always believed that it is our responsibility towards society to spread sadvidya or value education by action. Instilled with this spirit and Joy of Giving back, Sorsfort is always doing its bit in helping out scholar students realizing their dreams.

Sorsfort offers scholarships to meritorious students throughout the country. Scholarships range from 5% to 100% fee waiver, based on the eligibility & brilliance of the student.

The scholarships are broadly divided into two categories:
a). Merit Scholarships
b). Special Scholarships

The above two scholarships are awarded as follows:

Merit Scholarships are awarded solely on the basis of a student’s performance in his/ her
• SET (Scholarship Entrance Test)
• Science Olympiads Foundation (SOF) results,
• NTSE, KVPY results,
• Class X and/or Class XII Mark system,
• NEET & JEE (Main & Advanced) results
These scholarships shall be varying according to different conditions and the marks obtained. These scholarships act as a motivational factor for students who are hard-working and wish to get trained for competitive exams under the able guidance of Sir Kuldeep Surolia.

Special Scholarships are given in some special cases as:
• Single Parent/ Divorcee: Suitable consideration is given to the students, who has lost his/her father and is being raised by his/her mother only. This facility will be given to the wards of divorcee also.
• Sibling: Due consideration is given to students who already have a sibling studying in any of the classroom courses at Sorsfort.
• Martyr: Due consideration is given to the students, who has lost his/her father/mother during his/her service either in War, Terrorist Warfare or Govt. Operation.
• Ex-Sorsfortian: A student, who has once studied in any of the courses at Sorsfort, is also offered an Ex-Sorsfortian concession.
Note: The scholarships are offered only on Tuition fee. The student is required to submit the proof for the same to avail respective scholarship(s). Details & eligibility of the scholarships are given in the subsequent sections.

Cash Scholarship for Sorsfort students

Sorsfort student and Sir Star Students has shown tremendous talent on various platform across the world in the past. At Sorsfort we never forgets to honor praiseworthy talented students. It always motivates and applauds students for the efforts that they put in for preparing these tough academic, sports or arts exams.

Sorsfort has a policy of awarding promising students who have undergone training with Sorsfort or with Sir Kuldeep Surolia for preparing for such national or international competitive exams. Sorsfort respects and acknowledges the hard work that every students puts into the exam preparation by publishing their names and/or photographs in the national dailies and in all of its result promotion booklets/ articles. On the Sorsfort annual function titled ‘School of Tomorrow', such students are awarded by trophies & medals. Sorsfort also awards cash prizes to the toppers of their field after due diligence and selections. These cash prizes vary according to the ranks of students as well as the course program or career lines.

Sorsfort offers awards/ cash prize to the students who secures top rank in National & International level exams like NTSE and Olympiads(SOF), SET etc. However, to be eligible for the cash award a student must fulfill certain conditions. Please contacts us for complete details, terms and conditions for the cash scholarship/award.

Summarizing SET

1. Upto 100% Scholarship on Tuition Fee

2. Scholarship applicable for both segment

3. Scholarship applicable for students staying in
a).Bangalore (Only Offline Paper Based Test)
b).Outside Bangalore (Online Test and later Offline Paper Based Test)

4. Scholarship applicable for current Sorsfort students also

5.Selection criteria is solely based on
a).Marks in Scholarship Entranace Test
b).SOF Report Card, Ranking & Percentage

6.Scholarship applicable to any talented academic student for Grade 1st to 12th.

7.Scholarship basis Science & Math Marks in Scholarship Entrance Test (SET).

8.Sorsfort Scholarship is Part of “Sir’s Super Six” Program for Talented Students.

9.Parent Income is not a criteria for scholarship at Sorsfort. Parent Income is looked upon only in case of 'Special scholarship'

10.Eligible Age of Student : 6 Years to 18 Years.

11.Selected candidates from online application will get the eMail for the Scholarship Exam Date and Time.

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Scholarship Details

Venue Sorsfort International School (Electronic City)
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Date of Exam Will be sent on eMail
Time of Exam Will be sent on email
Fees Rs 500
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