Sorsfort Internation School|Montessori School Electronic City Bangalore.

SIS VISION & Philosophy

Vision :

To be cherished by children, parents and academicians as the hands that shaped budding learners into stronger respectful individuals with the touch of humanity.

Mission :

Stepping Stones to Success

Core Values :

SORSFORT-ian carry core basic values of

Self-Discipline, Observant, Responsible, Sincere, Far-sighted, Obedient, Respect and Team Work.

This makes them a better citizen and a successful person.

All our teachers and staff are well trained and understand the need of constant learning and improvement. The complete Academic and support staff at Sorsfort undergoes minimum one training session every quarter to maintain the high standards of academic and child care at Sorsfort. To quick start the project, we had some of the leading educationalist from the industry

At Sorsfort , we follow one basic philosophy of ‘CHILDREN FIRST’ in most of our decision making debates and discussions

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