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Why Choose Sorsfort?

1. Summer Camp conceptualized around “Theory of multiple intelligence”.

Note: {The theory of multiple intelligences was proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983 as a model of intelligence that differentiates intelligence into various specific (primarily sensory) modalities, rather than seeing it as dominated by a single general ability.}

2. Excellent Camp site with huge indoor and outdoor play area.

3.Experienced instructors and a healthy camper to student ratio

4.Infrastructure covering Puppet Theater, state of the art Security Cameras, Library and play equipment.

5.Safe Transportation for the summer Camp students for pick from and drop to their home.

6.Day Care to help working Parents engaged their students after the summer camp.

7.Wide range of fun filled learning activities to keep the children busy during the summer camp.

8.Blend of Nature, Science, Art and adventure camp

9.Children get healthier. Our actives become a good exercise for the kids in the way they enjoy.

10.They learn to live independently and do all their daily routine by them self and also help other campers.

11.With our personality development classes they Learn Good morals and values. At the end of the camp they behave in a much better manner.

12.Develops a Love towards Nature and learn to protect and conserve nature which is a must for every child to save our planet.

13.Introduction to sky watching / astronomy helps our children get exposed to a new knowledge area. Today’s passion might become tomorrow’s profession.

14.Opportunity to participate in the STAR Scholarship scheme at Sorsfort and win scholarship at Sorsfort International School.

15.Looking for some more reasons ….. Yes, there are many more million reasons. To know more about the same, please visit our campus..

How does it Help My Child

The Summer Camp at Sorsfort is primarily based on Theory of Multiple Intelligence developed by Howard Gardner and will expose the child's to all the eight intelligences. There are multiple activities and all activities are loaded with FUN and enjoyment. The activities will be based on music, language, books reading, art, craft, numerical activities, kinesthetic and movement activities, clay, theater & drama, social activities etc

Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences (MI) views intelligence as a set of abilities, talents, and skills in eight areas:

  • Mathematical-logical,
  • Spatial-visual,
  • Bodily-kinesthetic,
  • Musical rhythmic,
  • Verbal-linguistic,
  • Interpersonal,
  • Intrapersonal, and
  • Naturalistic.

All humans possess these intelligences in varying degrees and apply them depending on their preferences, activities, and environment. Most people can develop all of them to a degree of competence. Because the theory was formed in part by examining what people do in the the performance of jobs and tasks, MI profiling and learning activities are useful in career choice and career development. A profile of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in the intelligences can be developed using Multiple Intelligences The use of MI theory can assist the career development and counseling process in a number of ways:

  • Self-knowledge.

    Awareness of one’s MI strengths and weaknesses adds to the self-knowledge that is a prerequisite for successful career choice.

  • Expansion of career possibilities.

    Mantzaris (1999) found that adults involved in MI activities broadened the parameters of their career choices. Rather than focusing on the right fit,. learners found that the self-discovery inspired by MI added multiple dimensions to the process of career choice.

  • Enhancement of self-esteem.

    Schools historically have valued verbal and Mathematical intelligences over all others. Vocational subjects and related occupations have sometimes been denigrated because the spatial, kinesthetic, and other intelligences needed in these areas have not been recognized.At-risk students and adults who may not have experienced career success have benefitted from recognizing that they are intelligent and that they can identify jobs that match their strengths

Summer Camp Plan

Batch 1 April Month of each Year
Batch 2 May Month of each Year
Time (Mon – Fri) 9:30 AM to 12:30 AM
Duration Two Months (Apr and May)
Transportation Yes.
Age Group 2 Yrs and above


1.Snacks/Breakfast has to be sent along with child

2.One extra set of Dress and water Bottle should be sent along with child

3.Transportation from Sorsfort is available for students who register for the complete duration of the summer camp i.e two months.

4.For Summer Camp Fees and Transportation charges please get in touch with Admission Counselor.

5.Transportation is available only subject to availability of seat and the bus on the requested route. Before depositing the Transportation fee, request to check the availability of seat and the bus from the Admission officer.

6.Summer camp is for children of the Age group 2 Years and above only.

7.The Admission to the Summer Camp at Sorsfort could be closed without any prior intimation to any parents. It would be Parents responsibility to track the number of vacant seats left.

8.Once Admission is granted there will be no refund of any payment for any reasons.

9.Fun Carnival: On the last day of all camps camp we plan to conduct fun carnival where children enjoy various games and food stalls the finest part of a carnival comprises of the fun games and activities.

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