Sorsfort Internation School|Montessori School Electronic City Bangalore.



“All children are born artistic, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

Kindergarten schooling at Sorsfort International School helps children to learn and grow in a warm and stimulating environment which makes learning fun and an ever cherishing experience. We try to create an environment where children not only Learn, they actually Love to learn.

The Kindergarten school curriculum has been designed to nurture and develop the following objectives within the tiny tots:

Knowledge and understanding of the world around them

Under the supervision of experienced, dedicated teachers we help your child to understand and explore his immediate environment and the physical world. We also try to inculcate within them the basic technique of exploring, questioning and drawing conclusions from their learning.

Cognitive Development

Our curriculum at the Kindergarten school level has been designed to introduce mathematical concepts in a simple and tangible manner concentrating on one attribute at a time and progressing gradually.

The lessons are properly planned fostering development of problem solving abilities through activities, observation, analysis and discussions.

Language arts and phonics

Throughout the pre primary school years, emphasis is laid on comprehension, making it an integral part of language development. Phonics is used to teach English in a structured manner. The prime objective of the program is to develop the habit of reading and speaking within your child.

Dedicated Kindergarten Library : Our schools has renowned Montessori Schools in Bangalore have a dedicate library for pre primary section, a comfortable place for self learning, through creative books under the supervision of teachers.

Physical and personal development

Physical and personal development is given paramount importance at Sorsfort – The International School, as it is a very important aspect of overall development. It fosters development of gross motor skills, stamina, balance, rhythm, strength, agility and concentration through variety of indoor and outdoor games and activities.

Thematic learning through Educational Field trips

A very important aspect of the curriculum, we provide an opportunity to our children to experience real life scenarios by taking them for visits to the post offices, fire station, aquariums etc. thus enriching the learning experience.