Sorsfort Internation School|Montessori School Electronic City Bangalore.

SIS School (K-12)

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday we rob our children of tomorrow.” – John Dewey

The core of Sorsfort is its Academics. There is a great deal of insistence on researched learning and well-documented study systems are given importance. Sorsfort offers quality education that compares well with international schools across the world and with leading institutions everywhere.

The academic calendar at Sorsfort follows the following pedagogy for the complete year which itself is very unique and supportive in the growth of Sorsfort student:-

Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
Apr May
Pedagogy Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)
Multiple Intelligence (MI)
Academic Output CCE StarsLearn Report Card
Sunsational Summer Camp

We run the following academic streams to measure the rubrics at Sorsfort:

  • Early Childhood Engagement Center (covering Playgroup and Nursery)
  • Kindergarten (LKG & UKG)
  • Primary (Class 1st to Class 4th )
  • Middle School (Class 5th to 8th ) (Age 10-13)
  • High School (class 9th to 10th )
  • Senior School (class 11th and 12th )
  • Foundation Courses for Class 1st to 12th round the year.
  • Sunsational Summer Camp during April and May
  • ESL –Sorsfort provides significant support for non-native English speaking students from pre-primary onwards. An individual education programme will be developed for each student to support English language acquisition. Students will be included as much as possible in normal classes, on the principle that language learning is best done in context with guided support.)
  • Learning Support - Sorsfort recognizes that an international school must respond to the needs of children who may need learning support, including gifted children. To that end, we are committed to providing specialist teachers to help students reach their full potential.
  • PE and Sports covering Yoga, Karate and other activities
  • Technology to support faster and easier learning process
  • Extracurricular Activity
  • Educational Field Trips & Projects to help Sorsfort students participate in Learning beyond Classroom
  • Experienced Faculty with support from ART Team (Academic Research Team)
  • ABL (Activity Based Learning) : a parallel syllabus to develop co-scholastic skills of Sorsfort students.

If you need more information on some of the unique techniques and methodology which we use at Sorsfort for enriching the academic, get in touch with the ‘Academic Head’ at Sorsfort with prior appointment.